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Guided Sensor Project

The Guided Sensor Project runs during the first term and helps the students to get familiar with the basic concepts of sensing. We are using open source technology such as Arduino microcontroller boards and Raspberry Pi mini computers to teach how to read out a sensor and store its data for future analysis. All students receive their own Arduino and Raspberry Pi which they can keep and build their own sensor systems. Students can choose to work on their own or form small teams, e.g. comprising engineers, physicists and biologists, to tackle the challenges in electronics, programming and making sens of the data.


The first cohort built a body temperature sensor and pulse meter. Both sensors were incorporated into finger clips or wrist bands, which were designed and 3D printed by the students. As the project developed some students incorporated additional sensors, e.g. accelerometers, added wifi and wrote an app for an Android phone to present the data in a user friendly manner.


As part of the project the students had to present and demonstrate their sensor to the Sensor CDT teaching team and write a report. The project was rounded off with a dinner and the announcement of this year's Guided Sensor Project Champion: Josephine Hughes, recognising her efforts in designing her own sensors as well as helping others with programming and electronics.

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Science Makers: 3D Printing for Science - Saturday 5 May

Apr 26, 2018

SynBio SRI Join us on Saturday 5 May for Science Makers: 3D Printing for Science! This will also be a great opportunity to share ideas and find collaborators for Biomaker Challenge 2018

Cambridge Network Job Fair

Apr 23, 2018

This Job Fair brings together hundreds of live vacancies, talented candidates, CV workshops, expert recruiters and businesses across all sectors, together at one venue. 4 May 2018, 12-4pm, The Postdoc Centre at Eddington

Biomaker Challenge 2018

Apr 19, 2018

Applications now open for the 2018 Biomaker Challenge! Whether you're a previous participant interested in continuing your project or curious to get involved for the first time, we're keen to hear from you!

Sensor CDT Student Tiesheng Wang wins one of the 2018 CSAR PhD Student Awards

Apr 06, 2018

The Cambridge Society for the Application of Research (CSAR) recently announced the names of the 10 PhD students from the University of Cambridge who have received the 2018 CSAR PhD Student Awards for Applied Research.

Sensor CDT student Tiesheng Wang weaves new material for energy storage

Mar 22, 2018

Sensor CDT student Tiesheng Wang and his supervisor Stoyan Smoukov have developed a new supercapacitor made from a "candy cane" like flexible polymer material composite. Its flexibility and higher charge holding properties could enable new sensor applications, such as implantable sensors.

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