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EPSRC CDT in Sensor Technologies for a Healthy and Sustainable Future


A list of selected publications from Sensor CDT students can be found below. These articles are research outcomes from the Sensor Team Challenges and Mini-Research Projects during the MRes year, as well as from PhD projects.  For information regarding patents achieved by the Sensor CDT students, please see the Student Patents, Prizes, Awards and Scholarships page.


Christensen CN, et al “ML-SIM: A deep neural network for reconstruction of structured illumination microscopy images” arXiv (2020) 2003.11064.

Christopher PJ, Mouthaan R, Bheemireddy V, Wilkinson TD "Improving performance of single-pass real-time holographic projection"Optics Communications, (2020) 457, 124666. DOI

Christopher PJ, Mouthaan R, Gordon GSD, Wilkinson TD "Holographic Predictive Search: Extending the scope", Optics Communications, (2020) 125701, 1.

Christopher PJ, Mouthaan R, Soliman AM, Wilkinson TD "Sympathetic quantisation - A new approach to hologram quantisation" Optics Communications, (2020) 125883, 1.

Emmenegger M, De Cecco E, Lamparter D, Jacquat RPB, et al "Population-wide evolution of SARS-CoV-2 immunity tracked by a ternary immunoassay"medRxiv (2020).  DOI

Grigoroiu A, Yoon J, Bohndiek SE "Deep learning applied to hyperspectral endoscopy for online spectral classification"Sci Rep (2020) 10, 3947.  DOI

Krainer G, Saar KL, Arter WE, Jacquat RPB, Peter Q, Challa P, Taylor CG, Klenerman D, Knowles TPJK "Direct digital sensing of proteins in solution through single-molecule optofluidics", bioRxiv (2020).  DOI

Lu M, van Tartwijk FW, Lin JQ, Nijenhuis W, Parutto P, Fantham M et al "The structure and global distribution of the endoplasmic reticulum network is actively regulated by lysosomes"bioRxiv (2020) 2020.2001.2015.907444. DOI

Meech JStanley-Marbell P "Efficient Programmable Random Variate Generation Accelerator from Sensor Noise", Embedded Systems Letters (2020) in press. 

Murray CA, Delrez L, Pedersen PP, Queloz D, Gillon M, Burdanov A, Ducrot E, Garcia LJ, Lienhard F, Demory BO, Jehin E, McCormac J, Sebastian D, Sohy S, Thompson SJ, Triaud AHMJ , Grootel VV , Günther MN, Huang CX  "Photometry and Performance of SPECULOOS-South", MNRAS, (2020) 495, 2446-2457.  DOI

Opstad IS, Ströhl F, Fantham M, Hockings C, Vanderpoorten O, van Tartwijk FW, Qiaojin Lin J, Tinguely J-C, Dullo FT, Kaminski-Schierle GS, Ahluwalia BS, Kaminski CF "A waveguide imaging platform for live-cell TIRF imaging of neurons over large fields of view"J. Biophotonics (2020) e201960222.  PDF DOI

Ströhl F, Lin JQ, van Tartwijk FW, Wong HH-W, Holt CE, Kaminski CF "A protocol for single molecule translation imaging in Xenopus retinal ganglion cells", in N Yamamoto & Y Okada (Eds.), Single Molecule Microscopy (1 ed.): Springer US (2020).

Thomas CN, Withington S, Sun Z, Skyrme T, Goldie DJ "Nonlinear effects in superconducting thin film microwave resonators"New J Phys (2020) in press.  DOI

Triaud AHMJ, Burgasser AJ, Burdanov A, Hodžić VK, Alonso R, Gagliuffi DB, Delrez L, Demory BO, de Wit J, Ducrot E, Hessman FV, Husser TO, Jehin E, Pedersen PP, Queloz D, McCormac J, Murray C, Sebastian D, Thompson SJ, Van Grootel V, Gillon M "An eclipsing substellar binary in a young triple system discovered by SPECULOOS"Nat Astron, (2020).  DOI

Tye N, Meech J, Bilgin B, Stanley-Marbell P "A System for Generating Non-Uniform Random Variates using Graphene Field-Effect Transistors", Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors (2020) in press.

Wang Y, Dong D, Christopher PJ, Kadis A, Mouthaan R, Yang F, Wilkinson TD "Hardware implementations of computer-generated holography: A reviews"Optical Engineering, (2020) 59 (10), 102413.  DOI

Xu Y, Jacquat RPB, Shen Y, Vigolo D, Morse D, Zhang S, Knowles TPJ "Microfluidic templating of spatially inhomogeneous protein microgels", Small (2020) 2000432.  DOI

Yoon J, Grigoroiu A, Bohndiek SE "A background correction method to compensate illumination variation in hyperspectral imaging", PLoS One (2020) Mar 13;15(3):e0229502.  DOI


Armitage J, Spalek LJ, Nguyen M, Nikolka M, Jacobs IE, Maranon L, Nasrallah I, Schweicher G, Dimov I, Simatos, D, McCulloch I, Nielsen CB, Conduit G, Sirringhaus H "Fragment Graphical Variational AutoEncoding for Screening Molecules with Small Data​"arXiv: 1910.13325 (2019)

Christensen CN, et al, “Simple and robust speckle detection method for fire and heat detection in harsh environments” Appl. Opt., (2019) 58, 28, 7760.

Gordon GSD, Mouthaan R, Wilkinson TD, Bohndiek S E "Coherent Imaging Through Multicore Fibres with Applications in Endoscopy," Journal of Lightwave Technology (2019) 10.1109/JLT.2019.2932901. DOI

Gordon GSD, Gataric M, Ramos AGCP, Mouthaan R, Williams C, Yoon J, Wilkinson TD, Bohndiek SE "Characterizing Optical Fiber Transmission Matrices Using Metasurface Reflector Stacks for Lensless Imaging without Distal Access​" Phys. Rev. X, 9, 041050. DOI

Hughes J, Maiolino P, Iida F "An anthropomorphic soft skeleton hand exploiting conditional model for piano playing"Science Robotics (2019) Under revision.Gilday K, Hughes J, Iida F "Gel-based soft interfaces for fastener manipulation in robotic agile assembly"IROS (2019) Submitted, under review.

Hughes J, Maiolino P, Iida F "Compliance-driven exploration for the detection of hard inclusions in soft bodies"Robotics and Automation Letters (2019) Under revision.

Hughes J, Maiolino P, Iida F "Sensorized phantom for characterising large area deformation of soft bodies"Robotics and Automation Letters (2019) Under revision.

Maj C, Azevedo T, Giansanti V, Borisov O, Dimitri GM, Spasov S, Lio P, Merelli I "Integration of machine learning methods to dissect genetically imputed transcriptomic profiles in Alzheimer's Disease"Front Genet (2019) DOI

Marschner DE, Franck CO, Abt D, Mutlu H, Barner-Kowollik C "Fully independent photochemical reactivity in one molecule"Chem Commun (2019) DOI

Nikolka M, Simatos, D, Foudeh A, Pfattner R, McCulloch I, Bao Z "Low-voltage, dual-gate organic transistors with high-sensitivity and stability towards electrostatic biosensing"ACS Appl Mater Interfaces (2020) DOI

Shigeoka T, Koppers M, Wong HH-W, Lin JQ, Cagnetta R, Dwivedy A, de Freitas Nascimento J, van Tartwijk FW, Ströhl F, Cioni J-M, Schaeffer J, Carrington M, Kaminski CF, Jung H, Harris WA, Holt CE "On-site ribosome remodeling by locally synthesized ribosomal proteins in axons", Cel Rep (2019) 11, 25.  DOI

Spasov S, Lio P"Dynamic neural network channel execution for efficient training"Proc BMVC Conf (2019) arXiv

Spasov S, Passamonti L, Duggento A, Liò P, Toschi N "A parameter-efficient deep learning approach to predict conversion from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease"NeuroImage (2019) DOI

Vallejo Ramirez PP, Zammit J, Vanderpoorten O, Riche F, Blé F-X, Zhou X-H, Spiridon B, Valentine C, Spasov SE, Oluwasanya PW, Goodfellow G, Fantham MJ, Siddiqui O, Alimagham F, Robbins M, Stretton A, Simatos D, Hadeler O, Rees EJ, Ströhl F, Laine RF, Kaminski CF "OptiJ: Open-source optical projection tomography of large organ samples"Sci Rep 9, (2019) 15693 DOI

Vanderpoorten O, Peter Q, Challa PK, Keyser UF, Baumberg J, Kaminski CF, Knowles TPJK "Scalable integration of nano-, and microfluidics with hybrid two-photon lithography"Microsystems & Nanoengineering (2019) 5: 40 DOI


Birrel S, Hughes J, Iida F "A data-driven approach to selective robotic harvesting of iceberg lettuce"Journal of Field Robotics (2018) Submitted, under review.

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Ghosh A, Manton JD, Mustafa AR, Gupta M, Garcia A, Rees EJ, Christie G "Proteins encoded by the gerP operon are localised to the inner coat in Bacillus cereus spores and are dependent on GerPA and SafA for assembly"Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2018). DOI

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Gilday K, Hughes J, Iida F "Achieving flexible assembly using autonomous robotic systems" IROS Conference (2018) Accepted.

He C, Ji H, Huang Z, Wang T, Zhang X, Liu Y, Fang M, Wu X, Zhang J, Min X "Red-shifted emission in Y3MgSiAl3012: Ce3+ Garnet Phosphor for blue light pumped white light emitting diodes"J. Phys. Chem. C (2018), 122: 27, 15659-15665. DOI | pdf

Huang J, de Nijs B, Cormier S, Sokolowski K, Grys D-B, Readman CA, Barrow SJ, Scherman OA, Baumberg J "Plasmon-Induced Optical Control over Dithionite-Mediated Chemical Redox Reactions", Faraday Discuss. (2018). DOI

Hughes J, et al "Achieving robotically peeled lettuce"IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (2018) 2377-3766. DOI | pdf

Hughes J, Iida F "Localised differential sensing of soft deformable surfaces"Soft Robotics (2018).

Hughes J, Iida F "Multi-functional soft strain sensors for wearable physiological monitoring"Sensors (2018) Accepted.

Hughes J, Iida F "Tack and deformation based sensorised gripping using conducive hot melt adhesive"RoboSoft Conference (2018).

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van Loo B, Heberlein M, Mair P, Zinchenko A, Schuurmann J, Eenink BDG, Dilkaute C, Jose J, Hollfelder F, Bornberg-Bauer E "High-Throughput, Lysis-free screening for sulfatase activity using Escherichia coli autodisplay in microdroplets", bioRxiv (2018). DOI

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