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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sensor Technologies for a Healthy and Sustainable Future

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Mark Evans

Departments and Institutes

Clinical Neurosciences:

Research Interests

My group are interested in (1) how brain detects changes in blood glucose and how this glucose-sensing interacts with peripheral metabolism; (2) how defences against hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) may become abnormal in diabetes; (3) the short and long term effects of episodes of hypoglycaemia on brain using imaging techniques such as fMRI; (4) new and innovative methods for non-invasively monitoring blood glucose in diabetes to try and avoid hypoglycaemi.

Key Publications

Haidar A, Elleri D, Allen J, Harris J, Kumareswaran K, Nodale M, Acerini C, Wilinska M, Jackson N, Umpleby M, Evans , Dunger D, Hovorka R. (2012). Validity of Triple and Dual-Tracer Techniques to Estimate Glucose Appearance. Am J Physiol, accepted. PMID: 22454288.

Hurst PH, Marrow C, Garfield A, Heisler LK, Evans ML. (2012). Recurrent Hypoglycemia is Associated with Loss of Activation in Rat Brain Cingulate Cortex. Endocrinology, 153(4):1908-14. PMID: 22396449. PMCID: PMC3328129.

Osundiji MA, Lam DD, Shaw JS, Yueh CY, Markkula P, Hurst P, Colliva C, Roda A, Heisler LK, Evans ML. (2012). Brain Glucose Sensors Play a Significant Role in the Regulation of Pancreatic Glucose-Stimulated Insulin Secretion. Diabetes, 61(2):321-8. PMID: 22210318. PMCID: PMC3266403.

Dash S, Crisp S, Hartnell S, Donald S, Davenport K, Simmons D, Evans M. (2012). Successful use of acarbose to manage post prandial glycaemia in two patients with type 1 diabetes on continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion. Diabetes Res Clin Pract, 95(3):e49-51. PMID: 22136721.

Osundiji MA, Godes ML, Evans ML, Danial NN. (2011). BAD Modulates Counterregulatory Responses to Hypoglycemia and Protective Glucoprivic Feeding. PLoS One, 6(12):e28016. PMID: 22162752. PMCID: PMC3230606.

Marston OJ, Hurst P, Evans ML, Burdakov DI, Heisler LK. (2011). Neuropeptide Y Cells Represent A Distinct Glucose-Sensing Population In The Lateral Hypothalamus. Endocrinology, Epud ahead of print. PMID: 21914773.

Choudhary P, Shin J, Wang Y, Evans ML, Hammond PJ, Kerr D, Shaw JA, Pickup JC, Amiel SA. (2011). Insulin Pump Therapy With Automated Insulin Suspension In Response To Hypoglycemia: Reduction In Nocturnal Hypoglycemia In Those At Greatest Risk. Diabetes Care, 34(9):2023-5. PMID: 21868778. PMCID: PMC3161284.

Lam DD, Leinninger GM, Louis GW, Garfield AS, Marston OJ, Leshan RL, Scheller EL, Christensen L, Donato J Jr, Xia J, Evans ML, Elias C, Dalley JW, Burdakov DI, Myers MG Jr, Heisler LK. (2011). Leptin does not directly affect CNS serotonin neurons to influence appetite. Cell Metab, 13(5):584-91. PMID: 21531340. PMCID: PMC3087147.

Kumareswaran K, Elleri D, Allen JM, Harris J, Xing D, Kollman C, Nodale M, Murphy HR, Amiel SA, Heller SR, Wilinska ME, Acerini CL, Evans ML, Dunger DB, Hovorka R. (2011). Meta-Analysis of Overnight Closed-Loop Randomised Studies in Children and Adults with Type 1 Diabetes: the Cambridge Cohort. In press- accepted Journal Diabetes Sci Technol, April 2011, scheduled to appear Nov 2011.

Kandasamy N, Fugazzola L, Evans ME, Chatterjee K, Karet F. (2011). Life-threatening metabolic alkalosis in Penred syndrome. Eur J Endocrinol, 165(1):167-70. PMID: 21551164. PMCID: PMC3118492.

Zhou L, Yueh CY, Lam DD, Shaw J, Osundiji M, Garfield AS, Evans ML, Heisler LK. (2011). Glucokinase inhibitor glucosamine stimulates feeding and activates hypothalamic neuropeptide Y and orexin neurons. Behav Brain Res, 222(1):274-8. PMID: 21440571. PMCID: PMC3133639.

Hovorka RH, Kumareswaran K, Harris J, Allen JM, Elleri D, Xing D, Kollman C, Nodale M, Murphy HR, Dunger DB, Amiel SA, Heller SR, Wilinska ME, Evans ML. (2011). Overnight closed loop insulin delivery (artificial pancreas) in adults with type 1 diabetes: crossover randomised controlled studies. BMJ, 342:d1855. doi: 10.1136/bmj.d1855. PMID: 21493665. PMCID: PMC3077739.

Petry CJ, Evans ML, Wingate DL, Ong KK, Reik W, Constancia M, Dunger DB. (2011). Increased placental glucose transport rates in pregnant mice carrying fetuses with targeted disruption of their placental-specific lgf2 transcripts are not associated with raised circulating glucose concentrations. Exp Diabetes Res, 2011:171376. PMID: 21331382. PMCID: PMC3038613.

Leelarathnan L, Ward C, Davenport K, Donald S, Housden A, Finucane FM, Evans M. (2011). Reduced insulin requirements during participation in the DAFNE (dose adjustment for normal eating) structured education programme. Diabetes Res Clin Pract, 92(2):e34-6. PMID: 21269721.

Osundiji MA, Hurst P, Moore SP, Markkula SP, Yueh CY, Swamy A, Hoashi S, Shaw JS, Riches CH, Heisler LK, and Evans ML. (2010). Recurrent hypoglycemia increases hypothalamic glucose phosphoryation activity in rats. Metabolism, 60(4):550-6. PMID: 20667558.

Osundiji MA, Zhou L, Shaw J, Moore SP, Yueh C-Y, Sherwin R, Heisler LK and Evans ML. (2010). Brain Glucosamine Boosts Protective Glucoprivic Feeding. Endocrinology, 151(4):1499-508. PMID: 20179264. PMCID: PMC2850228.