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Professor Simon Redfern

Departments and Institutes

Earth Sciences:

Research Interests

Simon's research covers a broad range of interests all linked by their relationship to the atomic-scale, nano-scale and microscopic structure of minerals. They all deal with the relationship between mineral structure & microstructure and chemical & physical properties. He is interested in the relationships between structure, dynamics and properties of crystalline solids from the Earth's core to the biosphere, and how these properties impact upon broader Earth and environmental processes. This includes the relationship between microstructure of biominerals and the physical properties of the structures that they form, the microstructure of rock-forming minerals and their seismic signatures (relevant to interpretations of deep Earth data), and the microstructures of manufactured materials based on mineral structures which may form the basis of new wasteforms for clean energy production. His work employs experimental methods in the lab and at national Synchrotron and Neutron radiation facilities.