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Sensor Cafés

Sensor Cafés are usually held from 5 to 7pm at CEB in LT 3 (unless otherwise stated below)


Please find below a list of future Sensor Cafés:

DateStudent Talk 1

Student Talk 2

4 October 2018 TBA TBA Induction Event N/A


Past Sensor Cafés:

5 July 2018

Lisa Hecker - Functional and pathological amyloid proteins

Alexandru Grigoroiu - Multidimensional image processing and classification for improved cancer diagnosis

Theme: PhD summaries

Speaker: 2014 Student Cohort

7 June 2018

Carolina Orozco - High-resolution antibody unfolding studies for developability and novel drug delivery

Ralf Mouthaan - Advanced holography in optofluidic waveguides for biomedical applications

Theme: Team Challenge Pitch and Feedback

Speaker: 2017 Student Cohort

3 May 2018

Simeon Spasov - Modelling metabolic and communication dysfunctions in Parkinson’s diseases

Sina Schack - Structural analysis of bacterial spore-coat proteins with potential in sensing application

Theme: Preprints

Speaker: Christine Ferguson

5 April 2018

Bogdan Spiridon - GaN sensing platform

Pelumi Oluwasanya - Printable sensor technologies to monitor air pollution

Tess Skyrme - Ultra-low-noise detectors for submillimetre-wave and far-infrared space science

Fergus Riche - Measuring the local rheology of soft cellular materials

1 March 2018

Brainstorm Event

Theme: Open Hardware

Speaker: Tobias Wentzel

7 December 2017

Christopher Valentine - Advanced carbon nanotube structures for sensing applications

Miranda Robbins -  Can tau trafficking be inhibited?

Theme: End of term event, meet prospective students

2 November 2017

Oliver Vanderpoorten - 2-photon microlithography for microscopic lab on chip devices

Farah Alimagham - Development of SERS-based microfluidic devices for the continuous, on-line monitoring of brain injury patients

Theme: Industry Engagement

Speaker: Roisin Owens

5 October 2017

Sensors Induction Event

Theme: Public Engagement

Speakers: Spokes, Fruk, et al

3 August 2017

Andrew Stretton - An affinity sensor to selectively measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of biomedical and environmental interest

Josephine Hughes - Adaptive tactile sensing  for robotics based on thermoplastics

Theme: Student Showcase

Speaker: Nathan Curry

6 July 2017

Dimitrios Simatos - Organic field-effect transistors for highly sensitive and selective chemical and biological sensing

Oliver Bonner - Wireless neonatal monitoring

Theme: Student Chapter (SPIE)

Speaker: Jiangbing Yang

1 June 2017

Omid Siddiqui - Optofluidic sensor for Alzheimer’s disease drug screening

Philip Mair - Ultrahigh throughput screening of metagenomic libraries

Theme: Team Challenge

Speakers: 2016 Cohort

4 May 2017

Omar Amjad - Functional membrane-based devices for detection of biomolecules

Isabella Miele - Acoustic sensing using functionalised microbubbles

Theme: Idea Pitching

Speaker: Nathan Curry

23 March 2017

Tiesheng Wang - Controlled guest materials formation in the confined environments of metal-organic frameworks: A brief introduction

James Manton - Inference methods for optical sensing beyond classical limits

Theme: Launch Event

Speaker: Nathan Curry


Upcoming events

Industry Lecture: "From Sensor Idea to Sensor Sales - a case study"

Sep 27, 2018

Johnson Matthew Lecture Theatre (LT2), Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology

2018 Sensor CDT PhD Showcase

Oct 18, 2018

Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge

Sensors Day 2018

Oct 19, 2018

Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Supercontinuum in Microscopy and Biological Imaging Applications Workshop

Nov 26, 2018

Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology

Upcoming events