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Professor Clemens Kaminski

Professor Clemens Kaminski

Professor of Chemical Physics

Head of Laser Analytics Group

Director of CamBridgeSens

Director of CDT in Sensor Technologies for a Healthy and Sustainable Future

Office Phone: 01223 763135

Research Interests

Our group develops technologies that help in the investigation, and diagnosis of, mechanisms of disease.  We develop advanced microscopy methods that have been used in research on malaria and protein misfolding diseases, both major problems for populations in developing countries.  We also work hard to find ways of reducing the cost  and complexity of the technologies we develop so that they can be copied and used by researchers all over the world. Examples include the design of low cost hardware components using 3D printing technologies and use of open source electronic components. In the past we have also performed work on optical technologies that are used for applications in environmental sensing.    

Key Publications

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