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EPSRC CDT in Sensor Technologies for a Healthy and Sustainable Future


Keynote Speaker 4: Prof Themis Prodromakis - Practical Applications of Memristive Technologies in Sensory Systems

A novel nano-electronic technology, known as the memristor, proclaims to hold the key to a new era in electronics, being both smaller and simpler in form than transistors, low-energy, and with the ability to retain data by ‘remembering’ the amount of charge that has passed through them – akin to the behaviour of synaptic connections in the human brain. In his lecture Themis Prodromakis will present the attributes of memristive technologies that make them attractive for a variety of emerging applications with a focus on Sensory Systems.





Themis Prodromakis
University of Southampton          

Themis is Professor of Nanotechnology and Director of the Centre for Electronics Frontiers at the University of Southampton, UK. His work focuses on developing metal-oxide Resistive Random-Access Memory (memristor) technologies and related applications. He holds an RAEng Chair in Emerging Technologies and is an Adjunct Professor at UTS Australia. In 2015, he established ArC Instruments Ltd that delivers high-performance testing infrastructure for automating characterisation of novel nanodevices. His contributions in the field have brought this emerging technology one step closer to the electronics industry for which he was recognised as a Blavatnik Award UK Honoree in Physical Sciences and Engineering

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