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EPSRC CDT in Sensor Technologies for a Healthy and Sustainable Future


Keynote Speaker: Sensors – unlocking insights

Data is the new global currency, and sensors are one of the key enablers.  In some sectors however, like F1, data ruled the roost for decades.  In the late 90s, when Caroline joined McLaren, cars already carried hundreds of sensors to understand its performance and improve models.    

Similarly in Healthcare, sensors are no longer confined to hospitals, and can monitor patients in their daily lives.  However, their use is not yet pervasive, often due to usability, cost and data accuracy and privacy issues.   This talk will discuss some use cases of sensors in primary healthcare.

Caroline Hargrove

Caroline Hargrove   

Babylon Health   

Caroline is Babylon’s CTO, with responsibility over the Technologies and AI products. She is also a Non-Executive Director at Ceres Power and a Trustee of the National Saturday Clubs.

She has experience in a range of sectors from motorsports to health, elite sports, manufacturing and energy. She started her career as a lecturer in Engineering in Cambridge, followed by various roles in McLaren Formula 1, mainly focused on the development of simulations and the first F1 simulator. She moved to McLaren Applied Technologies as a founding member, and helped grow the company and became its CTO before moving to Babylon.

Caroline is also a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and was, until recently, a Visiting Professor at Oxford and holds a PhD in Applied Mechanics from the University of Cambridge.

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