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EPSRC CDT in Sensor Technologies for a Healthy and Sustainable Future


Keynote Speaker 3: Krathika Parchani - Biometrics for global health and development

Numerous  governments,  businesses,  and  NGOs  have  committed  to  the Sustainable  Development  Goals  (SDGs)  “zero”  targets,  such  as  ending preventable deaths of newborns, and ending epidemics of a number of diseases. However, these targets are impossible to achieve if we have no idea who we have reached – and who we have missed. Compounded by poor infrastructure and weak national ID schemes, the inability to identify people  costs  lives,  wastes resources,  and  prevents  millions  from  escaping poverty. A  growing  body  of  evidence  demonstrates  that  biometrics  has  huge potential  to  bridge  this  gap,  building  solid  ID  systems  in  short  periods  of time, improving distribution of medical interventions, reducing fraud, and simplifying monitoring and reporting processes. However, existing solutions often fall short of meeting the needs of the last mile - Simprints was built to address this gap, and provides digital ID solutions that are fit-for-purpose for these settings.





Krathika Parchani
Partnerships Manager at Simprints 

Krathika works as a partnerships manager at Simprints, where she is responsible for private sector partnerships and grant and innovation funding. Previously, as Analyst to the CEO at Simprints, Krathika helped establish Simprints' Board of Directors, and managed annual strategy reviews. She holds a BA (Hons.) in Economics from Ashoka University, Delhi.

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