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Team Challenge 2017 outomes

last modified Jul 23, 2018 10:15 AM
2017 student cohort successfully concludes team challenge

The 2017 student cohort has presented the outcomes from this year's team challenge: a quantitative sensor for measuring arsenic concentration in drinking water.

fluorescence_in_cells electrodes_used

 The team of 13 students combined synthetic biology, engineering and chemistry to demonstrate an easy to use sensor which can provide accurate readings in minutes on-site by untrained users and without dangerous chemicals.

The project was sponsored by

neb_officialhenkelAppliedInkSolutions_logo35532.jpgopen plant fund



Do you want to learn more about state of the art research in the field of Sensor technologies? Then, find out more from our students and join the Sensor CDT.

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Robotic hand 'plays' piano

Dec 21, 2018

Josie Hughes from the 2014 cohort has developed a robotic hand which mimics the movements of a human hand to play piano. Using soft and rigid parts the robotic hand helps to understand the complex movements of the human hand.

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