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EPSRC CDT in Sensor Technologies for a Healthy and Sustainable Future



Dr Proctor leads the Bionic Systems Group in the Engineering Department. He received a BSc in Interdisciplinary Physics from the University of Michigan in 2008. Following two years as a general scientist at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, he earned a PhD in Materials from the University of California, Santa Barbara where he investigated loss mechanisms in organic photovoltaics (2015). Subsequently, Chris was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from Whitaker International to develop implantable bioelectronic devices for treating neurological disorders in the Bioelectronics Department at the Ecole des Mines de St Etienne. He then joined the University of Cambridge as a Research Associate and Borysiewicz Biomedical Sciences Fellow. In 2020, Chris started as a BBSRC David Phillips Fellow and group leader in the Engineering Department.


Dr Proctor's research is focused on developing bionic systems to improve healthcare and advance bioscience. These technologies often take design inspiration from the same biological systems with which they interact while leveraging advances in parallel fields such as biosensors, optoelectronics, soft robotics, and neuroengineering. On going research projects include electronic drug delivery systems, minimally invasive neural implants, and fundamental investigations of therapeutic devices and materials. This work relates to good health and well-being – SDG 3.

BBSRC David Phillips Fellow
Group Leader in the Engineering Department, University of Cambridge