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EPSRC CDT in Sensor Technologies for a Healthy and Sustainable Future


We want to congratulate Jan Heck, which won with Stefany Kissovsky the "Best talk" prize at Sensors Day 2022.

His brilliant presentation was titled "Optofluidic Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibres as Label-Free Biophysical Sensors". 

Jan started in 2018 at the Sensor CDT. He is currently a final year PhD student in the NanoPhotonics Centre Group with Prof. Tijmen Euser.

In his PhD project, he explores new biophysical analysis and sensing platforms at the intersection of photonic and microfluidic technologies.

Outside the sciences, he studied the history and philosophy of science in different cultures for his MA degrees. Jan is an alumnus of the Studienstiftung and the Haniel Foundation, and speaks English, German and Japanese.

Find out more about Jan here:

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