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Methods for optical sensing beyond conventional limits

Advances in characterisation techniques shape the progress that is feasible in drug product development and biomedical research. Computational image analysis techniques can quantitatively measure the properties of materials and specimens that are otherwise difficult to study. This project aims to circumvent conventional limits in optical sensing using a combination of inference methods, computational analysis and simulation, and novel optical system design. Current work includes:

  • the development of fluorescent structure localisation microscopy for the study of bacterial spore coats and cell membranes,
  • fluorescent lifetime imaging of pharmaceutical tablets for counterfeit detection and quality control,
  • the simulation of light propagation for the design of improved single plane illumination microscopy light sheets to be used in studies of developing organisms,
  • optimisation of depletion fields for improved resolution and image quality in stimulated emission depletion microscopy.

This project is in collaboration with MedImmune.