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Student Patents, Prizes, Awards and Scholarships

Please find below a selection of patents, prizes, awards and scholarships achieved by the Sensor CDT students.


Josie Hughes, Developing an automated lettuce harvester system with farming companies utilising soft robotics to enable safe and reliable harvesting of produce.  Patent pending.

Pelumi OluwasanyaLuigi OcchipintiParticulate Matter Detection, Ref: Occ-3445-17 [MJN/CP7293814], GB1715014.5 (September 2017).

Henning Sirringhaus, Jerome Charmet, Mark Nikolka, Dimitrios SimatosSensor for detecting analyte in an aqueous media comprising an organic semiconductor materialGB1621828.1 (December 2016)

Tiesheng Wang, Stoyan Smoukov, Qiang Fu, Lijun Gao, Nanocomposite materials and methods of manufacture thereof, GB1813334.8 (August 2018).

Tiesheng Wang, Stoyan Smoukov, Hyun-Kyung Kim, Porous carbonaceous materials and methods for their manufacture, GB1801331.8 (January 2018).

Stoyan SmoukovTiesheng Wang, Kara Fong, Hyun-Kyung Kim, applied by Cambridge Enterprise Ltd, Polymer-based energy storage device, GB1712274.8 (July 2017).

Shijing Si, Tiesheng Wang, Jiaqi Zhang, Biqi Liu, One kind of anti-theft device luggage, CN205053148U (March 2016).

Prizes, Awards and Scholarships

Farah Alimagham:

  • IEEE Travel Grant (€1k) to attend IEEE Sensors Council Summer School on Optical Fibre Sensors (2017)
  • IDS Award (2015)

Oliver Bonner:

  • Engineering for Clinical Practice Grant (£3,000) (2018)

Chyi Chung:

  • University of Cambridge Vice-Chancellors Award (2018)

Lorena Gordillo Dagallier:

  • EPSRC NPIF Award (2017)

Jan Heck:

  • EPSRC NPIF and IDS Award (2018)

Sebastian Horstmann:

  • Startup Sprint, Best Overall, Düsseldorf (2017)
  • Hort Stipend, by Hedwig und Waldemar Hort Stiftung (2016)

Josie Hughes:

  • First place in the Robocup Rescue Virtual RobotSimulation (2018)
  • First place in the RoboSoft Manipulation Competition (2018)
  • IET Innovation Research Award for the development of soft 3D printed manipulators (2017)
  • First place in the International Manipulation and Grasping Challenge, Canada IROS (2017)
  • First place in the international RoboSoft locomotion soft robotics challenge, Livirno, Italy
  • First place IROS 2016 Entrepreneurship Contest (Robotic lettuce harvesting)

Sammy Mahdi:

  • NanoDTC Travel Award (£3k)

Philip Mair:

  • EPSRC NPIF Award (2014)

James Manton:

  • Best poster (Ellipsoid localisation microscopy infers the size and order of protein layers in Bacillus spore coats), Photonex, London (2016)
  • Best talk (Optical super-resolution microscopy for bacterial spore coat structure determination), Trinity College Science Symposium (2016)

Sagnik Middya:

  • Cambridge Trust Award (2018)

Isabella Miele:

Pelumi Oluwasanya:

  • Nigerian Presidential Scholarship (2015)

Fergus Riche:

  • Leslie Wilson Minor Scholarship, Magdalene College, Cambridge

Miranda Robbins:

  • ARUK funded application (£243) to attend ARUK Annual Conference for a poster presentation

Bogdan Spiridon:

  • Cambridge Trust Award (2015)

Christopher Valentine:

  • Leete Premium Award for support of a student undertaking a PhD at the Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge

Francesca van Tartwijk:

  • EPSRC NPIF Award (2017)
  • Robert Barnes Prize (Chemical Engineering/Biotechnology) (established 2018) - awarded to a graduate student who, having obtained a distinction in the examinations, attains the highest aggregate mark from among all Queens' candidates for that examination, in either subject.

Oliver Vanderpoorten:

  • EPSRC CDT Plural Twitter Photo context award 2017, 2nd prize
  • IDS Award (2015)

Tiesheng Wang:

  • Cambridge Society for the Application of Research (CSAR) PhD Student Awards (2018)
  • Chinese Scholarship Council Award (2014)

Joseph Zammit:

  • Cambridge Trust Award (2015)

2016 Sensor CDT Cohort:

  • Biomarker Challenge Grant for WaterScope to develop an incubator as part of the 2016 Team Challenge

2015 Sensor CDT Cohort:

  • First place in the Downing Enterprise competition for start-ups, awarded £25k towards developing an IoT based sensing system for assisted living using machine learning techniques as part of the 2015 Team Challenge.

2014 Sensor CDT Cohort:

  • Co-founders Cambridge Assisted Living Technologies as part of the 2014 Team Challenge, December 2016-April 2017