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EPSRC CDT in Sensor Technologies for a Healthy and Sustainable Future


Sensors in an Uncertain World | 12th October

A showcase of multidisciplinary sensor research

Moller Institute, Churchill College, Cambridge

12th October, 2022

Inspiring talks by leading experts on the latest sensor technology developments

Sensors Day 2022 will showcase highlights of sensor research and applications from all areas of science and technology. This year, we have a diverse field of speakers covering sustainability, healthcare, ethics and citizen science. The title of the conference will be "Sensors in an Uncertain World" in recognition that sensors can bring certainty to our world. 

Registration for Sensors Day 2022 is now closed.

Conference program

2021 cohort Team Challenge presentation


Our 12 MRes students will present their 12- week project "Cyanovision"- a low-cost, open-source early-warning system for cyanobacteria in freshwater. The students have created a novel microscopy system based on the OpenFlexure Microscope for the detection of cyanobacteria and algae in fresh water. Their machine learning algorithm, based on objected detection, has been trained to identify cyanobacteria species of different morphologies (e.g. unicellular, filamentous and rod-shaped) as well as the common algae in bright-field images. They have created a user-friendly UI that enables the use of our software without requiring any coding knowledge 

More information can be found here:  

Cyanovision - toxic cyanobacteria monitoring ( 

Our student speakers:

Title  Speaker 
 Online: Towards Uncertainty-Aware Murmur Detection in Heart Sounds via Tandem Learning  Erika Bondareva 
 Structural Mass Spectrometry Techniques for Investigating Therapeutic Peptides  Katie Gibson 
 Sensor Measurement Uncertainty and Ways to Reduce it James Meech 
 Optofluidic Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibres as Label-Free Biophysical Sensors   Jan Heck 
 Intracellular Aβ42 aggregation leads to cellular thermogenesis Chyi Chung 
 Interactions between alpha-synuclein and lipid membranes in Parkinson’s disease Greta Musteikyte
 Studying Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Applications in Neuroscience Diagnostics Stefany  Kissovsky


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