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Professor Andrew Flewitt

Professor Andrew Flewitt

Professor in Electrical Engineering

Office Phone: 01223 748332

Departments and Institutes


Research Interests

Acoustic Wave Sensors

Our work on acoustic wave sensors is based on both surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices and film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) devices. In both cases, we most commonly use zinc oxide that is sputtered with a very low stress (less than 100 MPa) using our HiTUS sputtering system (see above). This has allowed us to produce FBAR devices with operating frequencies between 1 and 2 GHz and with a Q-factor of ~1500. Most notable, we have shown that carbon nanotubes can be used to form the top electrode of these devices. This allows a higher surface area and hence a signficnat increase in sensitivity. We have also developed a new 'dual-mode' device in which both mass and temperature changes can be simultaneously measured with just one device. This obviates the need for either a control device or a regulated temperature environment, making sensing at the point of use possible. Mass sensitivit of our devices is below 1 fg, which is around the mass of a single virus. These devices are being developed for biosensing and gas sensing applications.

Tactile Surfaces

We also work on zinc oxide nanowires for tactile surfaces. This again uses the piezoelectric properties of zinc oxide to both detect deflection and produce deflection. We use thin films of nanowires to make touch-sensiotive surfaces for future generations of touch-sensitive displays and surfaces.

Other Publications

A full list of publications can be found here.