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Anna Korhonen is a Professor of Computational Linguistics at the University of Cambridge. She is based at the Faculty of Modern and Miedieval Languages, Section of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics , where she co-directs the Language Technology Laboratory (LTL). She is also affiliated with the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology.


Professor Korhonen's research has principally been in the area of Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics. Some current areas of interest include:

  • lexical and knowledge acquisition
  • computational semantics and discourse
  • domain and language adaptation
  • machine learning / deep learning for NLP
  • multimodal NLP
  • multilingual NLP
  • NLP for biomedicine and cognitive sciences
  • real-world applications
  • computational models of human language learning and processing
Professor of Computational Linguistics
Co-Director of the Language Technology Lab
Professor Anna  Korhonen