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Dr Fumiya Iida

Dr Fumiya Iida

University Lecturer in Mechatronics

Office Phone: 01223 332719

Departments and Institutes


Research Interests

Fumiya Iida works at the intersection of robotics and biology. Through abstraction of the design principles of biological systems, his group develops core competences which are

  • the rapid prototyping of
    • dynamic mechatronics systems
    • bionic sensors
    • motor technologies
  • computational control optimization techniques

His main goals are to contribute to a deeper understanding of adaptivity and autonomy of animals, and to engineer novel robotic applications which are more adaptive, resilient, and energy efficient.

Specific research topics include

  • legged robot locomotion
  • evolutionary robotics
  • human-robot interactions
  • embodied artificial intelligence

Key Publications

Up-to-date list of Fumiya Iida's key publications