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EPSRC CDT in Sensor Technologies for a Healthy and Sustainable Future



Luigi Occhipinti (MEng, CEng 1995, PhD 1997) is Director of Research in Graphene and Related Technologies at Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, and Deputy Director and COO of the Cambridge Graphene Centre.

He is a Principal Investigator in the field of Flexible and Large-Area Electronics and Sensor Technologies. He moved to the University of Cambridge in 2014, with more than 20-years’ experience leading industrial and academic research.

His research teams have contributed new sensor devices and manufacturing technologies that help improve the quality of life of millions of people, in the field of environmental monitoring, wellness, healthcare, and consumer electronics.

Since 2015 he delivers lectures at the University of Cambridge, in the Engineering module “4B22 Flexible Electronics” and supervises students from multiple Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Cambridge, such as the CDT in Sensor Technologies and Applications, the CDT in Graphene and Related Technologies, the NanoDTC and the Photonics CDT.

His work encompasses emerging nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, biocompatible and biodegradable devices and electronics manufacturing on flexible and stretchable substrates, and is reported in his 90+ peer-reviewed scientific publications (including in Adv. Mater., Nature Chem. Biol., Sci. Rep., Adv. Biosystems, Nanoscale, J. Nanotech, APL, IEEE Trans.), his 40+ international patent families, 2 book chapters, 5 best patent awards, and many invited and keynote presentations to large international events.

Luigi Occhipinti is also co-editor of the series Cambridge Elements of Flexible and Large-Area Electronics, published by Cambridge University Press.

Director of Research in Graphene and Related Technologies
Deputy Director and COO of the Cambridge Graphene Centre
Dr Luigi  Occhipinti