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Professor Clive Oppenheimer

Professor Clive Oppenheimer

Professor of Volcanology

Office Phone: 01223 333386

Departments and Institutes


Research Interests

My direct involvement with sensor research is principally in the design, construction, and/or adaptation of sensing devices and techniques for monitoring volcanoes. This has included satellite remote sensing approaches but principally I have been using ground-based techniques (including UV and IR spectroscopy, electrochemical sensors, thermal imaging, and lately radar). A particular focus has been on measurement of atmospheric trace gases and volcanic gas and aerosol emissions but we have an ongoing project involving design of a radar system for monitoring the height of lava lakes in volcanic craters. The intersections with the SDGs are principally through the importance of disaster risk reduction in several SDGs including SDG11 (safe and resilient cities, communities, populations). DRR also intersects with SDG3 (health), which covers capacity for early warning systems to reduce disaster mortality. SDG9 (industry, infrastructure) is also relevant in terms of the links between disasters and economy. We collaborate closely with numerous partners based at volcano observatories and national universities and agencies in less developed countries.