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EPSRC CDT in Sensor Technologies for a Healthy and Sustainable Future



Analytical Biotechnology for

  • bioelectronic component materials;
  • smart analytical and functional reagents
  • bio-imaging technologies
  • post genomics and interactomics
  • miniaturisation of analytical methods
  • environmental monitoring
  • diagnostics and personalised medicine and 
  • bio and chemical security.

“Understanding of how biology can be interfaced with electronic, mechanical and optical systems and the development of new instrumentation or techniques to answer fundamental and applied questions concerning new biological measurement regimes” is a priority for research to provide new biofunctional materials and conquer challenges concerned with analysis and diagnosis and bioelectronics. Applications are highlighted by almost every initiative for health, environment, energy, security and quality of life in all parts of the world.

Professor of Analytical Biotechnology
Professor Lisa  Hall