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EPSRC CDT in Sensor Technologies for a Healthy and Sustainable Future



Simone Hochgreb is a Professor of Engineering at the University of Cambridge since 2002. Her research interests include reacting flows, laser diagnostics, combustion, thermoacoustics, and aerosol formation and transport. Prior to Cambridge, she held positions at Sandia National Labs, Exponent Inc. and at MIT.


Professor Hochgreb and her group develop measurement techniques and instruments for sensing for the energy and environmental areas. They are developing new techniques for measuring temperatures and nanoparticle emissions in energy systems such as gas turbines (a key factor in determining emissions), and low cost sensors for measuring nanoparticles in the environment. They also develop experimental work in the area of sustainable cooling technology, using waste heat for air conditioning. 


Key publications: 

Chong, C.T., S. Hochgreb, Spray flame structure of rapeseed biodiesel and Jet-A1 fuel, Fuel. 115 (2014) 551–558.

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Professor of Engineering
Professor Simone  Hochgreb