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Ewa J Marek is a Lecturer at the Department of Chemical Engineering. She has an MSc Eng degree in fuel technology and processing from AGH University of Science and Technology (PL) and a PhD in mining and geoengineering from GIG Central Mining Institute (PL). She joined the University of Cambridge in 2014, starting as a postdoctoral research associate at the Department of Engineering, where she worked on novel materials for oxygen transfer and delivery for high-temperature reactions (e.g. perovskites). In 2019, she joined the Chemical Engineering Department, where she leads the Combustion Group.


Dr Marek works on mono and multimetallic oxides, sometimes in combination with catalysts and their usage in high-temperature reactions. One of the best-known applications for oxides includes oxygen sensors (e.g. ZrO2) and solid-oxide fuel cells (e.g. YSZ, LSFO). Using a similar approach, the same oxides can be used for high purity oxygen generation for hospitals, low-cost hydrogen production, or even the generation of high-value chemicals from waste- or bio-feedstock. Dr Marek works with ferrite perovskites, which are inexpensive and offer high ionic and electronic conductivity. Thus, they can be attractive as gas sensors, membranes, or oxygen-transporting materials.


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